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" Kickass rock 'n roll in the truest and dirtiest tradition. Where strains redolent of Creedence, Aerosmith & U2 collide with a band of conscious revolutionaries. Just the right kind of original the right time of epochal shift!"   


Sacha Stone / Founder Humanitad

"Just dropped their debut album “Pride Before the Fall” on May 19, 2019.
With what is going on in the world political wise and in the USA, this album is considered cutting edge political music."

"While the themes can be dark and it’s a middle ground between acknowledging the change makers and exposing the claimed wrong doers. Melodies are deep and diverse, riffs are thrusting, while vocals and lyrics are a journey"

No Filter Radio Show - CHUO 98.1

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Iron Age Mystics

Pride Before The




(full album)

"Wielding “Pride Before the Fall,” IAM charges right up to the front lines of the struggle to reclaim Meaning and Purpose in Rock ‘n’ Roll. An insurrection between your ears"  The Greylock Glass

"Few albums are able to stay consistent from beginning to end, but "Pride Before the Fall" kicks butt from beginning to its end."


8.5 STARS  NeuFutur Magazine

"Canada’s Iron Age Mystics plays difficult rock that the band describes as spiced “with punk, funk, and exciting.” The band’s complete-length studio CD, collectively titled Pride Before The Fall, lives up to the band’s description."

"It is clear that this band walks its personal path, wearing its political ideology with pride with frontman Kevin Connelly’s lyrics ideal up front, but there’s a lot more to this band than its political beliefs. For 1, get prepared to get down with some catchy however hardened rock and roll, and method that is accessible however,  fresh and cool." Gossipela Magazine

"There are bands that bring an artistic creative element to their lyrics, and Iron Age Mystics are not only artistically creative with their lyrics, but compose some of the most inspiring revolutionary and politically themed lyrics since Rage Against The Machine."  Metal Nexus

Artists & Contributors

VOCALS Kevin Connelly

GUITARS Allan Wohng (Tracks 1, 3-10),

Chuck Brown (Tracks 2, 7, 11)

BASS Clayton Rudy

DRUMS Greg Mount (Tracks 1, 3-6, 8-10), Alexander Tukatsch (Tracks 2, 7, 11)

PERCUSSION Alexander Tukatsch (Track 4)

KEYBOARDS Kevin Saulnier (Track 11), Kevin Connelly (Track 10), Greg Mount (Track 6), Clayton Rudy (Track 5)

BG VOCALS Kevin Connelly, Tanya Godinho (Track 11), Allan Wohng (Tracks 2, 9)



Senator Bernie Sanders *Special permission granted (Track 9)

Shawn Devlin as"The News Anchor" (Track 9)

Vincent de Tourdonnet as "The French Revolutionary," quoting Stephane Hessel (Track 5)

Kevin Connelly as himself quoting Sharon English (Track 2) Kevin Connelly as "Pulpit Man" quoting Henry David Thoreau (Track 7)


MIX Bill Bell / Bill Bell Music

MASTERING Phil Demetro at The Lacquer Channel

RECORDING Verge Music Lab, Toronto (Tracks 1, 3-6, 8-10). BAHM Studios, Toronto (Tracks 2,7,11)

ENGINEERING Dan Meery (Tracks 1, 3-6, 8-10) at BAHM Studios, Toronto; Alexander Tukatsch (Tracks 2, 7, 11)


ARTWORK Giselle Sylvestri

ALBUM DESIGN Mariana Grezova

PHOTOGRAPHY EK Park & Jeff Speed


All songs written by Iron Age Mystics

All lyrics written by Kevin Connelly


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"Overall, the recordings and themes are intended to deliver a bracing sense of self-empowerment in the face of what appears to be overwhelming odds. The bottom line here is: if you’re willing to take on some of today’s most pressing issues disguised as well-crafted rock songs, this might be the band for you.”

Distrolution Magazine

"I think IAM have a brilliantly arranged, performed and produced album. Truth be told, hard rock is not my favourite genre (although I did hear some Bowie undertones), but I was blown away" 

Gary Topp, Legendary Canadian Producer, Manager, Promoter – Toronto, ON


Endorsement from The Office Of  Bernie Sanders for the song 'Big Bad Motherfucker' :

"This is great and we're happy to support the band. Thank you [for putting Bernie Sanders in the song]." 

Jeff Frank, Press Secretary, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

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IAM - CD Front Cover
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Lyricist & Songwriter's Perspective: Kevin Connelly

In this human-centric world, natural law is almost completely absent. To no surprise, the most of what you see, eat, hear, read and breathe—and many of the idols you hold so dear—are violently corrupt. Make no mistake, this is by design.


So in retrospect, why would I, as the author of this album, elect to spend years of my creative energies and large sums of money I really didn’t have working paycheck to paycheck to produce this little gem, knowing full well that it had little to no chance of commercial success?

Simple, really: I was so gripped by the pain-ridden part of my humanity, I had such a constant knowing that ‘evil’ was winning, that I could not subvert it anymore. Many of my traditional heroes died in my heart throughout that process. Then, I felt very alone. Possibly like you.

For my part I intended this album to inspire those who can see through the artifice of gross, inhuman bigotry, whilst taking the piss out of a few false idols of our culture. Principally, challenging our blind adherence to self-proclaimed authority in its many forms. A little boost of adrenaline for the ‘eyes wide open’ people who are waking up to the fight.

The band low res--11.JPG

Realize that no matter on which side of the political spectrum you stand, few persons engaged in the constant pursuit of power have any loyalty to you. Yet for the most part, these are our idols. Unfortunately today, we have very little loyalty to each other as peoples and are, therefore, easily divided. It’s become so simple to exploit us, a child could do it. Time, money, resources, vast infrastructure…no problem.


So I ask of you: please set aside your differences and be brave enough to know that you don’t know exactly what’s going on, and be human enough to know that it’s rapidly getting worse for everyone and everything. ‘Evil’ is conscious kids, and it currently rules the rock, and it’s probably not who or what you think it is. Stop trashing your neighbor over petty differences and at least try to embrace a much bigger picture. We have much more in common with each other than we do the with the elite.


Finally, in my opinion, we now exist on the edge of a precipice that could be a deeply stressful breakthrough for human consciousness or WW3 or maybe even worse, total statist control of every aspect of our lives. If I were a gambling man, l’d say the last latter option is the most likely. That said, I'm not a gambling man...


As a species, we are callous, cruel, self-possessed and inherently prone to creating our own fantasy worlds around ourselves. However, we are also brilliant, bold, beautiful, selfless, and when in crisis, can rise to almost any occasion.


I won’t underestimate what humanity could and really must do. We need to realize that we are all that we have and we are truly the stewards of the Earth as it is today. Every other living thing here on planet Earth depends on us waking up to that fact. Fast.


It could happen. I’m not holding my breath on it, but in my heart, I’m quietly counting on it. 

Peace & Love, Kevin


Management \ Atlantic Ground Control Inc. Kerry Forbes, Managing Director

P: (902) 449-4976

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